2020 Series Launched!

Principal players from the New Zealand Symphony and the staff of the New Zealand School of Music-Te Kōki will join David in a series of four recitals at the Hunter Chamber Council in 2020. The concerts are FREE to attend are supported by the Victoria University of Wellington and the New Zealand School of Music.

The music ranges from Mozart to New Zealand composer, John Psathas and includes the whole scope in between; music from Daniel Schnyder (New York), Rachmaninoff (Russia), Poulenc (France), Liebermann (USA) and many others. A great number styles will be covered from pseudo-classical-jazz, tango, to music filled with percussive drive and sheer sparseness. These are ideal taster concerts to hear new-music or to introduce yourself or others to LIVE classical music and meet the performers afterwards.

The concerts are all presented on Thursdays at 6pm and run for 1 hour with light refreshments after the event.

We hope to see you there!

6pm Hunter Council Chamber, Gate 2, Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn Parade.
9th April, 28th May, 6th August & 1st October.
Please see the series info for a details on performers and repertoire.